Inception Trailer by Christopher Nolan

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inception111Fans of The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan start your clocks. Yesterday, the teaser trailer for Nolan’s new film, Inception, made its debut on Yahoo!Movies. From information given, the film is described as a sci-fi/action flick taking place within the architecture of the mind. Pretty trippy!

The film will star Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page, Michael Caine, Cillian Murphy, Marion Cotillard and Ken Watanabe. Watanabe, Caine and Murphy are no stranger to Nolan’s film direction, as they were all in his first Batman film, Batman Begins. Nolan also wrote the screenplay. The film is set for a July 16, 2010 release date.

  1. Simon H. says

    The trailer’s not much to go on, but Nolan plus that incredible cast will be something to see.

  2. bleuaméricaine says

    The only Nolan movies I like are Insomnia and The Dark Knight, but here the cast (especially JGL and Cillian Murphy) is a BIG plus. I don’t know what to make of this trailer…

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