Incredible New Poster For This Year’s Must See Film

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Magnolia Pictures/Magnet have released a new movie poster for Gareth Edwards’ low budget sci-fi thriller Monsters. The new design is much better than the previous poster art released. Unlike the early ad campaigns, this poster doesn’t seem to be living off the success of District 9. It is much more original and grabs your attention a lot quicker. The entire Sound On Sight staff is raving about this movie. See some of our reviews down below.

Monsters begins with a flurry of panicked hand-held night vision shots as troops battle with a looming, Lovecraft-ian creature that towers above them, tentacles rippling through the night sky. It’s an arresting first impression and one whose key tone – realism – is maintained throughout the rest of the movie.

Because Monsters‘s greatest strength isn’t its perfectly cast actors, its gorgeous and varied locations, its hauntingly beautiful score, the pitch perfect editing, or even the stupendous achievement that is the homegrown effects work. No, its greatest strength lies in its odd realism. Monsters is a love story via road movie set largely within a quarantined landmass separating Mexico from America that our two leads must traverse to get home. The area is quarantined because a shuttle probe crash landed years prior, distributing alien life into the dense jungles and rivers – a fact that is never over-emphasized as a source for drama. Director Edwards is far too sensible and savvy to make that staple mistake, one that any Hollywood director would surely fall into. His film could simply have been called Animals, as that is all that the aliens are treated as. They are realistic in their design, movements and temperament and despite the opening scene there is very little action here…. (read the rest of the review).

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