Interested In Producing A Web Series?

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Producers On A Tight Budget

Ever thought of producing a film? Or maybe just a short. What about a tv series? Maybe that’s asking too much. But in the days of micro-financing sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, it seems to be getting easier.

Let’s take the example of director Elvis Deane, who’s decided to produce a web series. In his own words the series is, “Set in the smokey steel manufacturing town of Hamilton, Stealtown is the tale of a private eye hired to track down a con man who uses his charm to fleece the city’s upper crust. But as the detective gets closer to his mark, he begins to discover that the con man might not be the biggest crook in Steeltown.”

He’s been working on and off for the past year on the project with writer Andrew Hopps and DOP, Matthew Wocks. Funding most of it out of their pockets, they found it was time to get some more help. That’s when they decided to look into IndieGoGo and the idea of micro-financing. For $25 you get an on-screen credit and a copy of the script. For $100 you can add a t-shirt and poster. And for $500 an on-screen appearance.

Funding has been slow going but people are interested. With close to a $1000 of the intended $5000 raised it does seem like a hard number to close in on. Deane goes on to say, “We’ll do the series either way. This way we can open it up to the community.”

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Watch Elvis Deane’s Victoria:

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