‘Into The Woods’, the adaptation of the Stephen Sondheim play, gets its first trailer

Into The Woods

While Stephen Sondheim has been a major name on Broadway for decades, very few off his plays have migrated off the stage, with the Tim Burton adaptation of Sweeney Todd being the biggest exception to date. However, it’s not set to be the last, as the next play of Sondheim that’s set to hit the big screen is Into The Woods. Directed by Rob Marshall, who has previous experience in the musical genre with movies such as Chicago and Nine, the movie version eschews transplanting Broadway stars into the role, instead filling the cast with performers such as Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, Johnny Depp, Chris Pine, and Anna Kendrick. Amidst stories of rewrites to the script and the lingering question of how the movie shall incorporate certain elements of the stage story, the first trailer for the film has now been released. Into the Woods opens Christmas Day. Watch the trailer below:

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