‘Iron Man 3’ – Sound on Sight Podcast # 355

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The ’13 summer movie season is officially upon us, and so is the resurgent Marvel movie universe, which kicks off its latest wave with Iron Man 3, which, much like The Avengers, also works as a major break for a cult-y auteur. Shane Black (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) directs and co-writes this latest romp, which reunites him with Robert Downey Jr. Here to talk in both spoiler-free and spoiler-ful flavors about the flick is an appropriately super-sized lineup: Ricky D, Josh Spiegel, Edgar Chaput, and Simon Howell.



David Bowie – “World On Fire”

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  1. Ricky says

    I agree. The problem right now is that we all live in different cities and the films are never released in the same month. We have a ton of foreign films and indies that we are catching up on in the next month including MUD, The Hunt, Upstream Color, Place Beyond the Pines, Dollhouse and more.

  2. Francesco says

    You are becoming more and more mainstream oriented.
    Nothing wrong with that, but I feel that almost every podcast is a missed opportunity.
    In the past you made some really good radio, like the giallo or the Bela Tarr podcasts.
    Who cares about Iron Man. It is a good film, but there is nothing more to say about it.

    1. Edgar Chaput says

      If I may interject, I would direct the commenter to our Sordid Cinema show. We’ve frequently dabbled in more genre and less mainstream fair on Sordid. In fact, we did a gallo show last fall, another on Cronenberg films and earlier this year talked about Sergio Carbucci and Kim Jee-woon.

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