‘Jason Bourne’ Returns in First Trailer – Get The Dramamine, It’s Shaky as Ever

Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne

A lot of people seem to really love the Bourne series for radically re-inventing the spy/espionage genre for the new millennium, blazing a trail in terms of tone and content that even Bond would soon follow. And while I’ll admit that the series contains some fairly ok movies, it’s also largely credited with introducing shaky, rapidly edited camera work to fight scenes, or as it’s colloquially known: shaky cam. Anyone whose read my writing at length knows that I’m not a fan of shaky cam, in the way that Batman isn’t a fan of The Joker. Any good will Bourne built up by being (usually) smart, well-paced thrillers was squandered by the plague of incomprehensible fight scenes it unleashed upon the action genre in its wake. So when they announced that a new Bourne film was in the works, my enthusiasm was a bit lacking.

But it’s my job to report on these things, so I’m duty-bound to bring you the trailer for the fourth film in the core Bourne franchise (everyone seems to be ignoring the Jeremy Renner one), Jason Bourne. The new film sees Bourne having regained all of his memories and jumping back into the espionage fray after frequent supporting character Nicky (Julia Styles) comes under threat. And hey, that makes me realize something….how the heck is the Bourne series basically the only place we see Julia Styles anymore? She needs to be in more things. And speaking of talented actresses that Hollywood doesn’t seem to know how to use properly, Jason Bourne also features Alicia Vikander, still apparently in her mainstream Hollywood phase, before she gets fed up and goes back to being an indie darling. All my griping aside, Jason Bourne ultimately looks like a competent enough spy thriller. Oh and before you ask no, they don’t use that one Moby song in the trailer. But don’t worry, it’s coming.

Check out the trailer below

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