‘Jason Bourne’ Resurfaces in Superbowl TV Spot for the Fifth Bourne Movie

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For a franchise that’s been around for over a decade, Jason Bourne has come to feel like a member of the family. Well, a family member who’s been absent for nine years, was left out of a pretty important life event, and now has finally come back but doesn’t like to talk about it. Oh and he also finally remembers who he is (took him long enough).

Still veiled in a ridiculous amount of secrecy, the fifth Bourne movie (now finally titled Jason Bourne) has decided to make its preview debut during Super Bowl 50. The TV spot reveals a very buff Bourne in a decent amount of fists fights and declaring that he remembers everything about his past. The fact that Matt Damon is back as the iconic super spy after roughly a nine year absence is a pretty big deal. And with Paul Greengrass at the helm (he did a pretty nifty job with The Bourne Ultimatum), there’s a good chance that it’s gonna be an epic addition to the Bourne saga. This time around Damon is joined by Alicia Vikander, Tommy Lee Jones, and Vincent Cassel.

Jason Bourne will be back in our lives on July 29 in the US. Check out the Super Bowl TV spot below!

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