Jesse Heiman: The World’s Greatest Extra

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Jesse Heiman, nicknamed Manpeach, is someone you’ve most likely seen, both on the big screen and small. The Austin, Texas native began acting as a background actor/extra and appeared in several films, TV shows, commercials, and music videos. His first major role was in American Pie 2, and his first speaking role was on the short lived television show Maybe It’s Me. Some of you may even recognize the actor from his roles in Old School and the MTV spring break show Camp Cool Cancun. Heiman is one of those actors that made a career as mostly an extra, yet he stands out amongst most extras. In the following video, you’ll have a chance to see the actor in some of his biggest appearances, most of which he is either uncredited for, or credited simply as ‘nerd #1.’

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  1. […] often credited as “nerd”, “student”, “party goer” or (our favourite) “winking comic book nerd” on the o.c., 33-year-old heiman has been working hard for the past decade with very little recognition from we the people in internet land – until now. […]

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