Jody Hill, Danny McBride and David Gordon Green Team Up Again

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Directors David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express), Jody Hill (Observe And Report) and star Danny McBride (Foot Fist Way)who signed a two year first look deal with Mandate Pictures to produce high concept comedies have announced that their next project L.A.P.I. The film will be directed by Jody Hill and is set to star Danny McBride as a beaten down, hardboiled private investigator.

L.A.P.I. will be the first movie under the new production house formed by Hill, McBride and David Gordon Green, called Rough House Pictures and Green is said to produce. The three good friends have been making movies together since college, where they all attended the North Carolina School of the Arts. According to Variety Green says the aim is to produce a slate of comedy projects that are “a little left of center.”

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