Juan Esteban Rodriguez’s ‘Return of the Jedi’ Poster Completes the Trilogy


Juan Esteban Rodriguez header

We here at Popoptiq love a good poster, and if you do too you’ve probably been following artist Juan Esteban Rodriguez‘s gorgeous series of posters for the original Star Wars trilogy. Rodruiguez’s Star Wars posters are stunning, finely detailed without assaulting the viewer with information, and make fantastic and striking use of limited color palettes.

If you’ve been following this series and are eagerly awaiting the release of the third and final “orig trig” poster then we have two pieces of good news for you. First, the final poster will be released TOMORROW at Brooklyn’s Bottleneck gallery in two variants, running at 40$ for the regular version (with 300 printings) at 50$ for the limited, numbered variant (at only 100 printings). Second, if you purchased the first two posters, Bottleneck Gallery will be sending out a reserve link to ensure that you can complete your poster trilogy.

The posters go on sale at 12 PM Eastern tomorrow (that’s Friday, January 29th) and odds are if you want to pick one of these up you’ll need some luck to get to them before they sell out…..if there’s such a thing as luck, in your experience.

You can check out a gallery of the previous two posters as well as the brand-new ROTJ poster and its variant below.


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