‘Jurassic Park’ and Digital vs. Film: Sound on Sight Podcast # 353

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With Steven Spielberg’s landmark blockbuster Jurassic Park making a 3D-assisted comeback in theaters, Ricky, Josh and Simon take a look back in order to rank it among Spielberg’s crowd-pleasers and see how it stands the test of time, regardless of technological additives. After that, the floor is opened to a general discussion of the digital vs. film debate, sparked by the Keanu Reeves-produced and hosted doc Side by Side. (Special guest Gregory Ashman of CriticalMassCast joined us for the first chunk of the show, but had to be dropped due to a Skype issue.)



“Smile” – Nat King Cole

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  1. Edgar Chaput says

    Ricky, I was listening to the show and had to pause to write this comment after you said you didn’t know where to buy movies in Montreal. You suggested Future Shop and Best Buy.

    Both of those are only good for big releases. Good prices and you can always find copies of major releases. That said, THE place to go, and I’m honestly a little surprised you didn’t think of it, is the HMV megastore downtown. My Criterions blu rays, my Shout Factory blu rays, my Olive Films blu rays, my film noir blu rays, my film noir DVD sets, 2 for15$ specials, 2 for 20$ specials, etc, etc, ETC!!! You never go to the HMV Megastore on St Catherine’s? You have to go there and your DVD and blu ray problems will be solved.

    1. Ricky says

      Yes but there are no more specialty stores in Montrea, unless you go to Boite Noire which is very far from me and extremely expensive. HMV has great titels but yet, every time I go looking for something specific, they don’t have it in stock.

      1. Edgar Chaput says

        Boite Noire is garbage. Like you said, way too expensive. Additionnally, I personally don’t find their selection very impressive to the point where I’ve stopped going there even though my visits were infrequent to begin with. You must be looking for some very, very niche things because I often find what I want at the HMV megastore, beyond the obvious major releases naturally.

        If all else fails, have them order the film you want if it’s in their databank but just not in stock at the physical store.

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