Watch ‘Kara’, The Impressive New Star Wars Fan-Film

Kara Star Wars Short

As far back (and even further) as 1997’s Troops, fan-films and projects have been a huge part of the Star Wars fandom. Dedicated Star Wars fans (who really need a good group noun, by the way) have been steadily producing interesting content for years now, including shorts, comics, stories and more. One of the more polished looking efforts recently is Kara, a seven-minute short written and directed by filmmaker Joe Sill.

For a fan production, with no support from Disney or Lucasfilm, the visuals and execution on Kara are pretty darned impressive. Obviously the visuals aren’t going to compare to something you’d see in a major film (a dogfight sequence over the dunes of what we can assume is Jakku or Tatooine looks a bit dodgy) but still, if you consider Kara’s origins and nature, it holds up pretty well. The story is simple and effective, focusing on a Force-sensitive girl and her father on the run from the Empire and a downed X-Wing pilot they run across, and the performances from the three principal actors (Andra Nechita, Peter Arpesella and Daniela Flynn) are all solid.

In the mere week since Kara hit the internet on Youtube and Vimeo, the short has managed to rack up nearly 270 THOUSAND views across the two platforms, and you can expect that number to keep on climbing as word of mouth keeps spreading.

You can watch Kara below

“Kara” | (2016) (An Unofficial Star Wars Film) from Joe Sill on Vimeo.

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