Kickstart This Project: ‘Obvious Child’, premiering at Sundance 2014

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Obvious Child

The dearth of women-centric stories in the cinema landscape has been a frequent topic of discussion over the past few years. Disappointed by Hollywood’s inability to tell genuine stories about women, many filmmakers have  taken up the challenge themselves in recent years. One such filmmaker is Gillian Robespierre, who felt that the portrayal of women going through pregnancies and maturing was not as varied as it could be. Spurred by a desire to tell a more authentic tale, Robespierre made a short film in 2009 titled Obvious Child. The ensuing reception the movie received motivated her to expand it to a full-length feature. Tackling both screenwriting and directing duties, Robespierre is working with a cast that features Saturday Night Live alum Jenny Slate in the leading role, working alongside Crystal Fairy‘s Gaby Hoffmann, A Serious Man and Luck‘s Richard Kind, and Arrested Development‘s David Cross. In addition, the movie has been selected to screen at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival, a prestigious honour that only a select few receive out of the thousands that apply. All the signs point to this being a very promising project, and hopefully it’s one that can be seen before long. For more details and/or to donate to the film, you can see their Kickstarter page here, as well as the video below.


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