‘Kill Zone 2’ Trailer – Flying Knee and Elbow Strikes for Everyone!

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Kill Zone 2

Kill Zone 2

The original Kill Zone is fondly remembered as a somewhat lesser known Hong Kong action-fest, perhaps most notable for its knock-down, drag-out final battle between stars Donnie Yen and Sammo Hung. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend you track down a copy and give it a watch. It may not have the name cache of Yen’s work in stuff like the Ip Man franchise, but for my money it’s a solid and integral part of the Yen canon.

Now, over a decade later, a sequel is in production. Yen and Hung are both no-shows, but fret not. Joining the cast is Tony Jaa, aka that guy from Ong BakThe Protector and Furious 7 over whom the laws of physics apparently hold no sway. Jaa plays a prison security guard in the penitentiary holding Kit, an undercover cop thrown into a Thai prison after an operation gone bad. Just judging from the trailer, they form an uneasy alliance against the prison’s corrupt staff, but apparently there’s also some business with Jaa’s daughter needing a bone marrow transplant, for which Kit is the only viable donor. You just couldn’t keep things simple, could you?

The trailer looks like the kind of fast-paced, brutal action that audiences have come to expect in the wake of the Raid movies, with lots of Jaa’s signature insane stunt-work. I just wish the trailer weren’t cut so fast so we could actually appreciate some of the fight moves on display. Hopefully things will be slightly more sedate, editing wise, in the film itself.

Check out the trailer for Kill Zone 2 below