Personalities Clash in This New ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Featurette

Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow

Putting a bunch of supervillains and superheroes together in one room is more than likely to result in some tense conversations at best and a full-on brawl at worst, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow series is no exception. The show sees a team of DC’s heroes and villains brought together by the time-travelling Rip Hunter in order to prevent the immortal Vandal Savage from conquering the world, and while they stand a good chance at accomplishing that goal, their chances of doing it without killing each other seem a bit more tenuous.

A new promo/featurette focuses on the icy relationship between Ray Palmer, who joins the team as the size-changing Atom, and Captain Cold, the freeze-ray-wielding Flash villain. The promo features clips from the show as well as interviews with actors Brendan Routh and Wentworth Miller, who play Atom and Cold respectively. It’s good to see that while the team definitely all have the same goals in mind, the minds behind the show are working to ensure that their working relationship isn’t all smiles and sunshine, them coming from vastly different sides of the law and all.

Legends of Tomorrow is currently airing Thursdays on CW, and you can watch the promo ahead of tomorrow’s new episode below.

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