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  • Adverbs

    7 Different Types of Adverbs (Plus Fun Facts)

    Adverbs are parts of speech with multiple functions. They’re used to modify a verb, an adjective, another adverb, noun phrases, prepositional phrases, and whole clauses or sentences. They provide the readers with further information about the manner, place, time, frequency, certainty, and other details as indicated by the verb. When used to modify an adjective or another adverb, […] More

  • A lady is holding a dice for a backgammon game.

    9 Different Types of Probabilities (Plus Important Facts)

    When we talk about a probability, we talk about how something is likely to happen. The idea of probability is much to do about studying chances. It’s a part of mathematics that ascertains how one event might or might not happen. Probability, however, is just a guide so studying it will not guarantee something happening. […] More

  • Psalms emphaised with a magnifying glass.

    20 Different Types of Psalms

    David is said to have written 75 of the Psalms with 73 of them bearing his name. The Jewish tradition, however, believes that David wrote 88 Psalms, Moses wrote Psalm 90-100, Jeremiah wrote Psalm 137, Haggai wrote Psalm 146, and Zechariah wrote Psalm 147. The word “praise” is mentioned 211 times in the Psalms as compared […] More

  • A man analyzing the parts of speech written on the blackboard.

    9 Different Parts of Speech (Word Types)

    It’s important to understand the different parts of speech because they show us how the words relate to one another. Each word has a role to play and is categorized according to the different parts of speech. Here we’re going to discuss its many different types, cite examples for each, and many more. Types Adjectives […] More

  • Expensive hobbies

    Top 10 Most Expensive Hobbies in the World

    Hobbies are activities we choose to do because they bring us pleasure and help us de-stress. We’re also willing to spend for them in the blink of an eye. Yet when money is not an issue and you have the freedom to spend it any way you want to, you’re faced with an incredible list […] More

  • Woman shopping on a grocery store.

    18 of the Best Online Grocery Stores

    Online grocery stores may soon outpace the traditional brick-and-mortar retailers.  According to a recent survey conducted by the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) and Nielsen, 49 percent of US consumers had purchased consumer packaged goods online in the past three months, with 61 percent millennials, and 55 percent Gen Xers. The numbers have doubled in just little over a […] More

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    Top 10 Most Expensive Hennessy Bottles in the World

    Hennessy is a worldwide luxury brand that makes up half of the world’s cognac and has been in business since the 18th century. Irish aristocrat Richard Hennessy, who served in the French army for Louis XV, founded the cognac dynasty in 1765. As a luxury brand, Hennessy has partnered with the likes of Louis Vuitton, Moët […] More

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    14 Different Types of Diction

    To study the different types of diction is to understand a person’s choice of words. This gives the reader or listener an insight on the speaker or writer’s character. This is especially true in writing. Writers gain credibility by using the right words, style and tone of voice. The different types of diction may differ […] More