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  • Different types of pens

    19 Different Types of Pens

    Pens are essentially a writing instrument used all over the world. They provide us with the ability to control the application of ink onto a surface. This surface is usually made of paper and pens are mostly used to write or draw. Historically, there were many different types of pens including reed, quill, and dip […] More

  • A number of colorful pencils put together with a sharpener

    The 14 Different Types of Pencils Every Drawing Set Needs

    Have you ever wondered where pencils come from? Or how graphite was really discovered, leading to the development of numerous kinds and types of pencils that are currently available? If you must know, modern pencils owe a great deal to an ancient writing instrument that belonged to the Romans back called a Stylus. Stylus is […] More

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    9 Different Types of Shaving Blades

    The ancient man shaved with the use of sharp-edged seashells or rocks but the razor only came about in the Middle Ages and the first use of the term appeared in 1290. By the 18th century, the razor industry in Sheffield, England was booming. The Sheffield razor had a curved blade which was slightly backward […] More

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    5 Different Types of Pulleys (Plus Examples in Daily Life)

    A pulley is a simple machine made up of a wheel with two raised edges. A rope or a string runs along these raised edges without coming off. This is also known as the block and tackle pulley system which utilizes the mechanical advantage of lifting a weight with only half the force to lift […] More

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    13 Different Types of Umbrellas

    The umbrella was invented over 4,000 years ago and was used in early civilizations in Egypt, Assyria, Greece, and China. They were initially used as parasols to provide shade from the sun. The term comes from the Latin root word umbra which means shade or shadow. The Chinese invented the first waterproof umbrella as protection […] More

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    11 Different Types of Clasps (Plus How To Find the Right Type)

    The clasp is often overlooked but it’s a very important part of the jewelry. The style of the clasp has also been used to identify just how old a piece of jewelry is. Some of the earliest styles were used throughout the Victorian era. When undertaking some craft projects, identifying the right types of clasps […] More

  • Daycare provider teaching young daycare students

    32 Great Gift Ideas For Daycare Providers

    If you genuinely like your childcare provider, whether daycare or pre-school, you’re fortunate.  While there are many great facilities in North America, some parents are relegated to enroll their kids in unlicensed, overcrowded facilities due to a lack of available and/or money to pay for a better facility. Our youngest son goes to pre-school part […] More

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    6 Alternatives To is the largest online genealogy database with 20 billion records from 80 countries. You can trace your lineage and create your virtual family tree through it but you’d have to pay for a pricey subscription. If you still want to know your family background but don’t want to pay for the service or you […] More

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    12 Alternatives to Ear Plugs (For Sleeping and Noisy Environments)

    Some people find ear plugs as comfortable devices that work efficiently for reducing noise. While some are designed for multiple use, long-term usage of ear plugs can lead to some infections. There are also those people who don’t feel comfortable wearing ear plugs. If you’re a light sleeper and live close to a noisy highway […] More

  • This is the homepage of the official Walmart website. Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation headquartered in Arkansas.

    16 Popular Best Buy Alternatives

    Best Buy is one of the largest consumer electronics retailers in the U.S. They have physical stores and online sites for selling electronics, computers, appliances, mobile phones, video games, and more. The giant retailer has made it convenient for their customers to shop at their physical chains or online but other competitors have also raised […] More

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    9 Modern Sticky Notes Alternatives

    We’ve all used sticky notes both at home and at work. They’re simple and effective during brainstorming sessions, the preparation phase of a presentation, or as daily reminders. Yet sometimes we need those reminders when we’re out and about. Some people also think having sticky notes all over the house or on the work desk […] More

  • Tapes

    What Are the 16 Different Types of Tape?

    Before there were tapes, the early man mended the earthenware pots using an adhesive substance from tree saps. The first tape ever invented was the surgical tape by Dr. Horace Day in 1845. The band-aid was next invented in 1921 by Earle Dickson who attached gauze to a cloth-backed tape covered with crinoline. Four years later, Richard Drew […] More

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