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  • Wedding bands

    17 Unique Wedding Ring Alternatives (as in no ring at all)

    Okay, there are two approaches to the question “what are viable wedding ring alternatives?” The first approach is to seek out non-ring options.  That’s the avenue we take as you’ll see below.  We came up with many great ways to symbolize your commitment without sealing the deal with exchanging wedding bands. The other approach is […] More

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    13 Different Types of Oligarchies (Plus Pros, Cons, Causes)

    Oligarchy comes from the Greek word “oligarkhía” which means the rule of the few. It’s a form of government where the power structure is held by a few businesses, families, and individuals and can be concealed under the guise of democracy. Plato once described oligarchy as “a constitution teeming with many ills,” one of which is […] More

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    13 Different Types of Bars (Plus Interesting Facts about Alcohol)

    Bars are so integral to human societies that they existed even way back to Babylonian times. Back then, alehouses offered expensive watered down beer-like beverages. Alcohol and wine were also initially consumed for their medicinal properties. In ancient Greece and Rome, taverns served alcohol, food, games, and other entertainment. During the Anglo-Saxon period, public houses […] More

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    5 Different Types of Aesthetics

    The word “aesthetic” first appeared in the 18th century under the study of philosophy. British philosophers used the word to refer to “a kind of object, a kind of judgment, a kind of attitude, a kind of experience, and a kind of value.” It was derived from the concept of taste in reaction to the […] More

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    18 Different Types of Authority

    Part of living in a society means there are rules that need to be followed. The presence of rules, in turn, mean there are authority figures who see to it that these rules are followed or otherwise a corrective action will be in order. A world without rules and authority figures may seem utopian for […] More

  • Metaphor

    15 Different Types of Metaphors

    Metaphors are figures of speech often used to connect two unlike things or to denote something from a figurative standpoint. They enhance the quality of your writing regardless if it’s fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or a blog. Metaphors are powerful tools for explaining concepts that might otherwise be difficult for readers to grasp. They also add color […] More

  • Adverbs

    7 Different Types of Adverbs (Plus Fun Facts)

    Adverbs are parts of speech with multiple functions. They’re used to modify a verb, an adjective, another adverb, noun phrases, prepositional phrases, and whole clauses or sentences. They provide the readers with further information about the manner, place, time, frequency, certainty, and other details as indicated by the verb. When used to modify an adjective or another adverb, […] More

  • A lady is holding a dice for a backgammon game.

    9 Different Types of Probabilities (Plus Important Facts)

    When we talk about a probability, we talk about how something is likely to happen. The idea of probability is much to do about studying chances. It’s a part of mathematics that ascertains how one event might or might not happen. Probability, however, is just a guide so studying it will not guarantee something happening. […] More

  • Hypothesis

    8 Different Types of Hypotheses (Plus Essential Facts)

    The hypothesis is an idea or a premise used as a jumping off the ground for further investigation. It’s essential to scientific research because it serves as a compass for scientists or researchers in carrying out their experiments or studies. There are different types of hypothesis but crafting a good hypothesis can be tricky. A […] More

  • Psalms emphaised with a magnifying glass.

    20 Different Types of Psalms

    David is said to have written 75 of the Psalms with 73 of them bearing his name. The Jewish tradition, however, believes that David wrote 88 Psalms, Moses wrote Psalm 90-100, Jeremiah wrote Psalm 137, Haggai wrote Psalm 146, and Zechariah wrote Psalm 147. The word “praise” is mentioned 211 times in the Psalms as compared […] More

  • A man analyzing the parts of speech written on the blackboard.

    9 Different Parts of Speech (Word Types)

    It’s important to understand the different parts of speech because they show us how the words relate to one another. Each word has a role to play and is categorized according to the different parts of speech. Here we’re going to discuss its many different types, cite examples for each, and many more. Types Adjectives […] More

  • Fractions in colorful visuals.

    7 Different Types of Fractions (Plus Vital Facts)

    Fractions may be hard to grasp but they’re the foundation for other math skills. Perhaps the most important thing fractions teach us is proper calculation. This skill is essential especially for technical and medical professions. Check out the different types of fractions below. Types of Fractions Decimal Fractions Decimal fractions consist of both a whole number […] More

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