Link Of The Day: Movie Posters in Mexico circa 1948–1954

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The link of the day showcases movie posters in Mexico circa 1948–1954, from the collection of Ramón Figueroa. Anyone who loves movie posters and especially moves from Mexico needs to head over to this site. Here is what Ramón Figueroa had to say:

“The posters are a great expression of a time when Mexico made an investment in popular culture as a way to promote the values and virtues that would unify society and consolidate the power of the system. I think it is very interesting that some of the poster artists (such as Josep Renau or Ernesto García Cabral) were also muralists. There is research to be done on the Mexican poster as an example of the aesthetic cohesiveness of government sponsored art in Mexico before the sixties.”

Below are just a few of the stunning posters you can find over at Enjoy!

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