Link of the Day: Ten Classic Films That You Should Watch Before Seeing Scorsese’s Hugo

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Martin Scorsese’s passion for film history and his quest to preserve it has been a long-standing goal for one of America’s best working filmmakers. Nearly all of his films feature overt ‘quoting’ of his own favourite films and he has made two semi-autobiographical documentaries charting his deep love for cinema. Set at the turn of the century, Scorsese’s newest film Hugo is a love story to the birth of cinema and it’s first “magician”, special effects and narrative innovator Georges Méliès. Scorsese draws not only from Georges Méliès’ work but on other silent and early films that inspire him. Check out this link at The Film Stage to see a list of ten Classic Films you should see before you see Hugo and expand your knowledge of the medium! Most of them are quite short and are linked on youtube, so you have no excuse not to watch them.


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  1. Michael Ryan says

    I would add Chaplin’s Modern Times and René Clair’s À Nous la Liberté to their list.

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