Link(s) of the Day: Jim Emerson and Joseph Kahn debate ‘The Dark Knight’

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Not long ago, editor and Scanners blogger Jim Emerson began a series on entries on continuity and editing in action and chase sequences; the first was a takedown on the Batmobile / Joker tunnel showdown in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. Emerson narrates clips from the film, even offering his own edits, in order to prove that Nolan violates cinematic rules and makes for a confusing viewing experience. You can read his piece here.

Now, Torque / Detention director Joseph Kahn (who, need I remind you, Ricky D interviewed earlier this year) has offered a similarly thorough rebuttal on his blog, As Seen On TV. Kahn posits that Emerson’s sense of continuity is archaic and limited, and that Nolan’s work is “methodical,” though he does allow some minor infractions. His endearingly foul-mouthed, but knowledgeable, response is here.

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