Marvel to be a Cinematic No-Show at Comic Con

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When you have what might be the biggest superhero movie of all time and is being directed by a nerd favorite director (Joss Whedon), you think it would be a no-brainer to put together a huge panel with all the stars from the film and letting all the fanboys get a peek at what is likely the first real footage from this extravaganza.  Well, according to EW, Marvel Studios will be sitting this year’s Comic Con out, meaning there will be no big Avengers panel.  Yes, that is right, The Avengers movie will not be a the 42nd San Diego Comic Con, which runs from July21-24.  While we knew for a little while that many studios were taking this year’s Con off, I am shocked by this news.  The Avengers cast announcement last year was easily the most buzzed about moment at the convention.  The film started shooting on April 25th and that should be enough time to give them some decent footage to show.  Plus, anticipation for The Avengers is pretty high and it would seem like an obvious bet to capitalize the success of Kenneth Branagh’s well received Thor, who will play a big part in The Avengers.  Warner Bros is also resting their heavy hitters The Dark Knight Rises and Man of Steal, meaning there will be only one big superhero movie with a panel in Hall H.  Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man (the Spidey reboot) directed by Mark Webb will be bringing out star Andrew Garfield along with other members of the cast to meet the Comic Con crowd and unveil the first known footage of the film.  So, if The Avengers bombs, we know what to blame.

  1. Joe says

    It will not matter one bit if Marvel shows up at Comics Con or not. Their characters appeal well outside brainless fanboys like you. Stupid story.

    1. Josh Youngerman says

      I agree. Was being sarcastic. I do think it is surprising though.

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