Michael Fassbender is ‘Macbeth’ in the first trailer for Justin Kurzel’s adaptation


Is there any way to get more pumped up for this?

The first full trailer for Justin Kurzel’s adaptation of Macbeth dropped on Thursday and offered a better look at Michael Fassbender in the lead role. The film recently debuted at Cannes and also stars Marion Cotillard, Sean Harris, Paddy Considine, David Thewlis, Jack Reynor, and Elizabeth Debicki.

The first teaser was just an appetizer to the main course that is this highly anticipated movie and it seems like it will deliver (according to the buzz around Cannes). Fassbender and Cotillard are a match made in heaven and it looks like they have their A game for this film. The visuals are stunning and look like a blend between more modern sensibilities and the classicism that the story comes from.

It seems like Kurzel is going to take us into utter madness with this film and I can’t wait to jump in head first.

Macbeth is set to open in theaters in the U.K. on October 2. There is no U.S. date yet.

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