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  1. RHC says

    forgotten that these are the deaths shown in the film, because Freddy killed all the children of Springwood in Freddy ‘s Dead and almost everyone who attended school in the Nightmare on Elm Street 2010

  2. Coreyoo says

    Jason will never win he did not even win agenst freddy truly even jason is afraid of water. WATER! Myers has no fear. freddy only slightly fears fire.[on acont he was burned alive] freddy lives in dreams thus immortal. Myers can pass on his soul. Jason on lives becuse the same movie was made over and over agin. Freddy he uses his claws and the world arond him. myers uses the knife most of the time but also uses other things like a car. Jason uses a macheta and mabey something else once in a while.
    Freddy and Myers have egual intlect. Jason has a I.Q. of -700. It would come down to Fredd and Myers. freddy prays on fears but Myers has no fears. But Myers could not hide in the dream land freddy makes. Who knows who would win.

  3. Odessa Reinwand says

    When I’ve watched these three best horror movies in the world, I thought many times about someday these three of Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, and Freddy Krueger should have a showdown against each other to see who is the top King of Mast Murder and I really believe this movie will be huge. I’ve seen about all of these movies and they are my appsolute favorites. When this movie comes to the big screens I will be there to see it. Anyway as for the name for the movie should be big too. And I thought maybe it should be called Nightmare On Friday the 31st of Halloween!

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