Missed This Commercial? The Must See Clips of 2016

What do you do when you’re bored at work? Watch compelling commercials, of course! This year has already had some pretty amazing advertisements. Studies show that employees waste between 30 minutes and an hour on mindless activities each day.

So, what’s a few minutes more?

Doritos Ultrasound

This father-to-be may wasn’t ready for an early delivery, but that’s apparently what happens when you eat Doritos during an ultrasound. This funny, and slightly disturbing, video shows a baby on the ultrasound screen, trying to reach for the Doritos his father is eating. Guess what happens when Mom grabs the chips and throws them across the room?

Colgate Every Drop Counts

If you’re looking for something a little more inspiring, then watch the Colgate commercial that aired during the Super Bowl. It showed how easy it is for middle and upper class Americans to waste more water than many people have in a week. They also started a hashtag campaign to raise awareness with the tag #everydropcounts.

LG Skyscraper

Need a little inspiration and innovation? Check out LG’s commercial about professional rock climber Sierra Blair-Coyle. LG sent her up the side of a 460-foot skyscraper using suctions powered by two LG Code Zero K94SGN vacuum cleaners that were mounted strategically on her back. Amazingly, it only took her 30 minutes to make it to the top. That sounds like a lot of suction power!

Target Gender-Neutral Stars Wars Toy

Target has always supported gender neutrality, and their newest commercial for Star Wars toys is the perfect example. They use home video footage dating all the way back to the seventies to show how some things aren’t defined by gender in the least.

Audi Commander

Car commercials are always sure to make you cry, or at least tear up a little. This commercial shows a retired astronaut in his final phase of life, struggling to find joy and purpose in his existence. Then, his son offers him the opportunity to drive his brand new Audi R8, and he feels like he’s a young astronaut once again.

The Bud Light Party

Who better to stand in front of the White House, addressing the nation and running for president, than Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen? Of course, they represent the Bud Light Party. It’s genius because the two fit so well with our current candidates.

Shock Top Unfiltered Talk

Yet another Super Bowl commercial, this clip shows T.J. Miller, a lesser known comedian from the show Silicon Valley, lobbying both insults and compliments with the bartender while drinking his Shock Top ale. It offers a comedic, profound bonding moment.

NFL Super Bowl Babies Choir

Doesn’t the name just sound adorable? The NFL put on their own commercial this year, featuring toddlers born in varying cities. Each city had its own baby choir, and they all sang sections of “Kiss from a Rose” by Seal. After the song ended, they all begin cheering for their winning teams.

When you’re trying to avoid the drudgery of work, it doesn’t get much better than that.

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