Mondo Poster Series for ‘Back To The Future’

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Mondo has just revealed their poster series for Back to the Future. Phantom City Creative whose artwork we’ve promoted several times in the past, has designed three different posters that, when framed together, form an image of the Delorian. How cool is that?

Phantom City creative is a Toronto based independent studio who focuses on entertainment design for film, television and music. Shier goal is to create imaginative and stimulating advertising and packaging materials using slick graphic design, beautifully rendered illustration, photography, 3d and most importantly great ideas.

The regular posters, all 18 x 24 inch screenprints, are in editions of 420 and are only sold as a ‘trilogy’ set of three, for $88. The variant is a 16 x 36 inch screenprint, in a small edition of 115, and will cost $120.

The posters went on sale today, Friday March 2. Follow @MondoNews for all future announcements.

Via /Film

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