More Details About Our Contest To Win 52 DVD’s

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A while back we announced a contest in which you could win 52 DVD’s courtesy of your truly. At the time I had only dropped the name of one title to be given out – the criterion DVD for La Haine, 0ne of the most blisteringly effective pieces of urban cinema ever made. I am now pleased to announce ten more titles that will be included in our prize give away. Here they are.

1- Resevoir Dogs

2- Suspiria

3- Paranormal Activity

4- Drag Me To Hell

5- Watchmen

6- Gimme Shelter (Criterion)

7- The Rock (Criterion)

8- 3 Penny Opera (Criterion)

9- Thief of Bagdad (Criterion)

10- Pierrot Le Fou (Criterion)

Below you will find the original posting in case you missed it. Remember folks all you have to do is follow us on Twitter or become fans of our facebook page.

Sound On Sight is a non profit organization that gets by with a lot of help from our friends in the industry, our hard working writers and more importantly our dedicated Sound On Sight radio show listeners. So I have decided that after after two years and 250 shows, we should finally give back. So we are having a contest in which one lucky Sound On Sight reader or listener, can win 52 DVD’s. What’s the catch? There is no catch. The contest winner will be announced on either Twitter or on Facebook before our 250th show. So all you have to do, in order to be eligible to win is follow our tweets or become a fan of the S.O.S. Facebook page. That’s it. It’s has easy as that. Think about it. That’s one DVD a week for an entire year. Also we are not giving away bad movies. So far our list includes 10 Criterion DVD’s, three Blu-Rays and a ton of genre films.

And before you ask here is some things you should know.

1- You can live anywhere in the world provided you have a legit mailing address. Sorry but we can’t work miracles and deliver you the prize if you live somewhere like the Amazon jungle.

2- We will randomly choose the winner from one of our Twitter followers or Facebook fans. I already began jotting down everyone’s name and will continue to be on the look out each time someone new follows us.

3- The winner will have the DVD’s mailed to them with the sleeves however we cannot afford to ship out the jewel cases. The package would be way too big. However the jewel cases are easily affordable whereas shipping such a big package isn’t, so instead we will include a payment so the winner can go and buy the jewel cases themselves on our tab.

4- I will begin to announce the movie titles starting this week on our podcast, Twitter and facebook page. The entire list should hopefully be up when I return from the Toronto International Film Festival.

5- We are currently on Episode #227 of Sound On Sight so we estimate that our 250th episode will be just around Christmas time. However that doesn’t necessarily mean we will wait that long. We may announce a winner long before December depending on how fast I can sort through the thousands of titles, and decide what we can give out.

6- All DVD’s are Region 1

So if you love us and your friends and family, spread the word and recommend they follow us so they’ll also have a chance to win. More info to come.


Ricky D

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