More Reason To Hate The Oscars

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The Academy Of Motion Picture and Arts is considering moving their famous award ceremony several weeks ahead in 2012, in hopes to boost their ratings which has slowly decreased in recent years.

The Oscars usually broadcast their event last after every other major award show including the Golden Globes, Critics Choice Awards. Screen Actors Guild Awards, Indie Spirit Awards etc.

Academy president President Tom Sherak notes, “We still are the mother of all awards shows. But in today’s world, everybody wants it now. People don’t want to wait. You need to stay relevant.”

In a way he makes a point. By the time the Oscars role around, audiences have a good idea who will win what, based on the results of every other award show that comes before it. Of course it’s not all accurate but the majority of the winners are too predictable so much so, it takes the only fun part away – gambling.

Of course if the ceremonies do move to January, it means the window to get out screeners and do balloting becomes more condensed. So the Academy has decided to turn to the internet for solutions by providing online screeners for members of the Academy. Academy members would be asked to login via their desktop or laptop to watch a film as appose to seeing it on the big screen.

So essentially the granddaddy of all film award shows is turning to screeners, supplied on the internet to be seen by voters on a format that isn’t ideal to watch them in? And than you wonder why everyone laughs at the Academy.

  1. Ricky D says

    The problem isn’t when the event takes place. January or March wont make a difference. The problem is their choices for both nominees and winners are usually terrible. If the Academy wanted to boost their ratings, they would need to find ways to attract both mainstream audiences and true cinephiles. I would recommend adding categories for best independent film, first time film maker and more importantly choosing better nominees. It has slowly changed in recent years with the addition of hundreds of new members, mostly young and upcoming actors and directors. I think the addition of these new voters was greatly noticed last year with The Hurt Locker winning the majority of the major awards.

  2. SJ says

    Well instead of laughing and criticising, it would have been nice if Sound on Sight offered an alternative, a suggestion, and idea that would tackle the problem that led to this decision.

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