Top 10 Most Expensive Backpacks in the World

Backpacks are used by more than 40 million children every year for school and sports. Most of these children, in turn, have parents who also use backpacks for their daily use. Unfortunately, thousands of people in a year visit their doctor because of injuries from improper lifting or carrying of backpacks.

When used properly, backpacks are the best way to carry multiple objects since it evenly distributes the weight on both shoulders. The right way is to wear it on the lower half of the back and the lightest objects should be placed at the bottom of the bag. It may look cool, but you shouldn’t just wear it on one shoulder.

The following backpacks, however, would weigh heavily on most people’s shoulders except for the loaded ones.

10. THE ROW Backpack 11 Leather Bag, Black

The Row Backpack 11 leather bag black

Source: Bergdorf Goodman

The Row is a collection that ranges from handbags to ready-to-wear eyewear. Founded by Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen in 2006, the fashion line has placed its focus on crafting timeless elegant pieces and using top-notch materials. All products are designed and crafted by highly trained and experienced fashion designers who understand precision, fit and luxury.

The ROW Backpack 11 Leather Bag is crafted from smooth calfskin with palladium hardware. It comes with a top shoulder strap with an 8-inch drop. This is complemented by adjustable webbed back straps that allow you to carry the backpack over your shoulder or cross body.

The top is closed using a drawstring and a magnetic snap. It has a flat bottom bucket body designed to fit both small and large accessories. Inside, you have one zipped compartment and a cell phone pocket for your power bank or iPod Touch.

The inside is lined with fabric and the bottom is fitted with metal feet design to elevate THE ROW Backpack 11 Leather Bag when placed on a table or tiled floor. It’s priced at $3900.

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9. Brunello Cucinelli Leisure backpack

Crafted from goatskin and buffalo leather, Brunello Cucinelli designers have combined two high-quality materials to produce an ultra-practical accessory. The buffalo leather has fine natural grain and is used for the back and trim while goatskin is used to accentuate the practical accessory with a polished effect and rich texture.

Priced at $4,195, the backpack has three small pockets on the outside designed with flaps, zipper, and magnetic snap. They are for storing small and indispensable items. The inner compartment is divided into two small compartments designed for better managing your stuff. Inside, there is an internal document pocket for storing your travel documents and for easier access. It also comes with a practical strap used for securing the accessory to the handle of a trolley.

The high-quality finish gives the Brunello Cucinelli Leisure backpack a glossy look and an anti-drop finish. This helps to protect the backpack from damage (water). Made in Italy, the backpack was created in the hamlet of Solomeo.

8. Chanel Lambskin, Studs, Gold-Tone & Silver-Tone Metal backpack

Priced at $4,200, the backpack is crafted with lambskin giving it a smooth and luxurious texture. In addition, the Chanel Lambskin, Studs, Gold-Tone & Silver-Tone Metal backpack has diamond patterned stitching giving the backpack a unique and stylish look too.

Available in black, the flap is decorated with gold tone and silver tone metal studs which is decorative. Crafted on the flap are the interlocking signatures Cs – gold tone and silver tone metal – with turnlock clasp. Using the turnlock clasp, you can open and secure the flap to your backpack.

At the back, you have adjustable straps secured to the backpack with silvertone metal chain. Just above where the adjustable straps meet, you have a lambskin strap secured to the backpack. This is made available for attaching to a trolley when traveling.

The interior is lined with waterproof fabric to protect your stuff from the water. Inside the inner compartment, you should find pockets to help you organize your stuff.

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7. Chanel Calfskin & Silver-Tone Metal backpack

Available in blue, the backpack is crafted from calfskin which means its 100% leather. Priced at $4,500, it features a ribbed texture with high-quality stitching. It has the interlocking signature Cs with silvertone metal turnlock clasp for securing the flap.

At the back, the Chanel Calfskin & Silver-Tone Metal backpack has a slim pocket made from calfskin for sliding in documents and other accessories. It comes with calfskin adjustable straps for easier carrying. You can adjust the straps to your desired comfort and length. In addition, you can shift the backpack from your shoulder to crossbody wear.

Made in Italy, the interior is lined with a waterproof fabric designed to protect your stuff from the water. It has a pair of calfskin drawstring just beneath the flap for securing the inner compartment. The backpack is surprisingly roomy and you can go with it everywhere, from daytime to after dark. All metal parts are nickel free.

6. Chanel Grained Calfskin & Gold-Tone Metal Backpack

Chanel grained calfskin backpack


Source: Chanel

Priced at $4,700, the backpack is crafted from grained calfskin with a smooth texture. The flap features the interlocking signature Cs with gold-tone metal turnlock clasp. A zipped compartment is available on the outside for storing small and indispensable items. Two well stitched adjustable straps are available on the back. Users have the option of adjusting the length of the straps for their comfort.

Made in Italy, the backpack is available in black which adds a layer of beauty and dynamism to this practical accessory. This grained calfskin and gold tone metal backpack is ideal for the adventurous woman who is always on the move.

The grained calfskin has also been enhanced by hand finishing giving you a durable and stylish accessory. Inside, the ultra-practical accessory is lined with water-resistant fabric designed to protect your stuff from the water.

The back has a slip pocket suitable for storing easy to access items.

5. Brunello Cucinelli Leisure backpack in calfskin

Brunello Cucinelli leisure backpack calfskin

Source: Brunello Cucinelli

Crafted with high-quality calfskin chosen by Brunello Cucinelli designers, the backpack is made available in a functional design suitable for all occasions. With the new artisan finishing, the Brunello Cucinelli Leisure backpack in calfskin has a smooth texture with scattered light-dark touches. This helps to provide a beautiful effect that will surely make you stand out.

Priced at $5,045, the backpack comes with a pair of drawstrings which enable you to open and secure the inner compartment. A calfskin flap with a zipper pocket for storing small and indispensable accessories covers the drawstrings.

At the back, designers from Brunello Cucinelli have used Buffalo leather characterized by fine natural grain. It is fitted with a practical strap for attaching the backpack to an airport trolley when traveling. On the outside, the backpack has two small pockets with flaps. Just as the zipper pocket is used for storing small and indispensable items, the two small pockets with flaps on the side can be used for the same purpose too.

Still on the outside, you have a zip closure and magnetic snaps for storing additional stuff. The inner compartment is lined with a waterproof fabric designed to protect your stuff. There are three open internal compartments for organizing your accessories. Just so you know, all the metal parts are nickel free.

4. Santiago Gonzalez Caiman Crocodile Backpack

Santiago Gonzalez Caiman Crocodile backpack

Source: Neiman Marcus

The Santiago Gonzalez collection has always focused on crafting luxurious and rich colored crocodile collections. As the son of handbag designer, Nancy Gonzalez, Santiago Gonzalez introduced his line of crocodile creations in 2010 thanks to his passion for art.

Available in orange, the Santiago Gonzalez Caiman Crocodile Backpack comes with a two-way zip closure for storing your accessories. The top carry handle is for attaching the backpack to a trolley when traveling. It has adjustable shoulder straps that allow you to wear the backpack over your shoulder or cross body. Weighing at 4 pounds, the inside is lined with suede. It has one inner pocket for organizing your stuff.

Priced at $5,550, the Santiago Gonzalez Caiman Crocodile Backpack features silvertone hardware which is nickel free. With a texture that mimics the skin of a crocodile (scales), the texture is a bit rough to the touch.

3. Brunello Cucinelli Fox Fur Backpack with precious flap

Brunello Cucinelli Fox Fur backpack

Source: Bergdorf Goodman

As an iconic design from Brunello Cucinelli collections, the backpack is designed with fine fox fur that feels soft and luxurious to the touch. The fine fox fur color shadings and smooth texture of the matte leather have been combined with Italian expertise to give you an exclusive touch and a beautiful finish that truly stands out. It has narrow rows of shiny monii embroidery that not only covers the flap but they conceal it with a magnetic snap. Priced at $5,995, the handle and the back are in matte calfskin, a material that is so soft with even texture all around.

The backpack comes with a pair of stitched drawstrings which allow the user to open and secure the interior. They are adjustable to your desired length and comfort. Inside of the Brunello Cucinelli Fox Fur Backpack with precious flap, you will find a detachable mirror for use when on the move.

The internal compartment has a zipper. Together with drawstrings, you can secure your stuff and have no fear that someone will steal an accessory or two when you are not watching. It has a water-resistant fabric lining designed to protect the interior of your backpack as well as the contents.

The backpack has the following dimensions – 32 cm high, 16 cm wide and 2 cm long.

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2. Chanel Shearling Lambskin backpack

Chanel lambskin shearling backpack

Source: Chanel

Crafted from Shearling lambskin, the Chanel backpack is quilted with a diamond pattern that assures of a durable product. Lambskin is leather made from the hide of a young sheep. As a lightweight and finely grained leather, it has a soft texture which feels buttery smooth under your fingertips.

Priced at $6,500, it comes with gold-tone metal aimed at the more adventurous. Available in two colors namely dark green and black, the Chanel Shearling lambskin backpack features Chanel’s signature interlocking Cs.

A pair of drawstrings opens the satin lined interior which is enough space to store your small accessories such as make-up, water, a book, tablet, headphones, iPod Touch and power bank among others. It has a pair of interwoven chain shoulder straps for easier handling.

Despite the smooth buttery feeling of the lambskin leather, it’s prone to stains and scratches. To prevent this, maintenance and care are vital to ensure the longevity of the backpack. For $6,500, protecting this backpack should be your ultimate mission apart from looking good when stepping out for a tour of the city with friends.

1. Louis Vuitton Christopher Backpack PM N93491

Louis Vuitton backpack N93491

Source: Louis Vuitton

Priced at $18,864, this is the most expensive backpack on our Most Expensive Backpack (Top 10) list. Crafted from cowhide leather with Porous trim, the Christopher Backpack PM N93491 is designed for work and play. It has adjustable leather shoulder straps which can be used to shoulder the bag on your back or wear it cross-body. With a monogram canvas body, it has silver color metallic pieces that evoke a lavish lifestyle.

It has a leather top handle which makes it easy for you to attach this luxurious backpack to a trolley when traveling. With a textile lining the 2 internal flat pockets and zipped pocket, you can organize your travel documents and other accessories much easier.

It has an internal iPad pocket for your tablet. Outside, the Christopher Backpack PM N93491 backpack has 2 side pockets with press studs. Beneath the main flap opening, there is a pair of drawstrings used to secure the opening to the inner compartment.

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