Mousterpiece Cinema, Episode 106: ‘Oliver and Company’

oliver company billy joel

Which Oliver Twist-related pun should we start this description off with? There are just so many to choose from, even if this week’s new Mousterpiece Cinema focuses on an Oliver Twist adaptation, Oliver & Company. So maybe we could say that this is a podcast…podcast for sale. Or we could ask, shocked, if you want…MORE? And so on. Kidding aside, this week’s episode is no joke. Gabe and Josh are joined by Anthony Breznican of Entertainment Weekly to revisit this 1988 Disney animated film that represents a transitional period right before Disney’s Renaissance period, to sing a few bars of a Billy Joel song or two, and to discuss the state of hand-drawn animation at Walt Disney Feature Animation. If you’re a hand-drawn animation advocate–and who isn’t?–you’ll want to stay around for the whole show, as Anthony describes in detail his recent interview with the head honcho himself, John Lasseter. Now, if you’ve got just enough street savoir faire, take a listen to this week’s show!



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