Mousterpiece Cinema, Episode 112: ‘The Sixth Sense’


Wouldn’t it be awful if this episode description invoked that most famous line from the 1999 psychological thriller The Sixth Sense? Wouldn’t that be the hackiest thing ever? Of course it would be, which is why we see new podcasts! They’re walking around like regular podcasts, but they don’t know they’re new. All right, it’s out of our system, but can you blame us? Yes, the new Mousterpiece Cinema is all about M. Night Shyamalan’s star-making film, catapulting him into the Hollywood stratosphere only a few years before he’d begin descending into something of a public joke. And someone who’s having none of that joke is Gabe, who’s a no-show this week, for reasons Josh divulges in the episode. In Gabe’s place, Josh got three excellent guests: Scott Meslow of The Week, Alexander Huls of Film School Rejects and, and Mark Pfeiffer of Reel Times. Goofy jokes aside, all four are pretty big fans of The Sixth Sense, so there will be less ragging on Shyamalan than you might think. But plenty of Dreamcatcher references. (OK, one Dreamcatcher reference.) But enough talk: take a listen to this scare-ifying new show!



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