Mousterpiece Cinema, Episode 116: ‘Remember the Titans’


The autumn has arrived, and with it, the grand sport of football, in which burly dudes suit up to run into each other’s bodies with blunt force. Ah, football. And it’s the topic of this week’s Mousterpiece Cinema, as Gabe and Josh talk about the 2000 Disney sports drama Remember the Titans. They’re joined by contributor Danny Bowes, who, in an interesting wrinkle, wasn’t able to rewatch Remember the Titans in time for the podcast. But fear not! One of your hosts would argue that’s not a bad thing, as the movie, Denzel Washington’s inherent Denzel-ness aside, may not be up to snuff. There’s talk of Flutie Flakes, Caleb Carr, Hayden Panettiere, Stephen King, and…well, also the movie in question. It’s a grab bag this week, so take a listen to see if you too remember…well, you know.



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