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Mousterpiece Cinema, Episode 121: ‘Frozen’


OK, we know that we kept you waiting for an extra week, but finally, it’s time for Mousterpiece Cinema to get cold. In fact, we’re so cold, we’re…wait for it…Frozen! Yes, this week, Josh and Gabe take a look at Walt Disney Animation Studios’ newest film, a retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen featuring the voices of Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Josh Gad, and more, and music from the composers of The Book of Mormon and Avenue Q. With such high expectations and hopes, were Josh and Gabe thrilled with this frigid fairy tale? And what about their guest, returning favorite Corey Atad? Did this tale of sisterly love work magic on the trio? And what of the attached Mickey Mouse short, Get a Horse!? One of these stories inspired Gabe to say he wanted to vomit–no joke. The only way to find out what inspired such intense hyperbole (we hope it’s hyperbole), though, is to listen to the show, so check it out!



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  1. Augustine says

    I’m a big hand drawn animation supporter. I would love to see Disney do a hand drawn animated movie again someday. I do love the podcast and respect the podcast hosts (Josh and Gabe’s) opinions.

    But regardless I am truly f***ing sick and tired of people trying to pit “Hand Drawn Animation” and “CG Animation” against each other. As if one and only one “Animation Style” can only be better. This tiresome debate seems to sprout up every time a Pixar Animated Movie or Disney Animated Movie comes out in theaters and its getting pointless.

    In my opinion I don’t think one is better than the other. I always loved hand drawn animation and have grown to love CG Animation in much the same way. Both animation styles have their pros and cons and both are beautiful in their own right. So if Disney wants to explore CG Animation for the time being. Then they should have right to. I don’t really get the opinion of you Josh and you Gabe that its somehow a crime that they are doing CG Animated Films.

    Bottom line is it shouldn’t really matter if a film is Hand-Drawn, CG, or even Stop-Motion animation. A film should be great or good regardless of the animation style.

    Now with that said, I wish you guys a Happy Holidays!!

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