Mousterpiece Cinema, Episode 129: ‘Toy Story 2’


Get the Roundup gang together and put on the record player, because it’s time for a new episode of Mousterpiece Cinema! (We’re not making any promises about whether or not you can hear the episode on a record player.) Yes, it’s time for Gabe and Josh to move on from the first adventures of Sheriff Woody and Buzz Lightyear, and onto the sequel, Toy Story 2. This 1999 release was totally redone by Pixar’s animators within just nine months, but is widely considered one of the best sequels ever made; in this episode, Gabe and Josh, along with guest Dan Schindel, debate whether that consensus still holds up. Is Toy Story 2 the best film in the trilogy? Are there too many pop-culture references? And, let’s answer that age-old question: is Estelle Harris really a goddess? Find out on the new episode!



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