Mousterpiece Cinema, Episode 131: ‘Return to Never Land’


Who’s ready to go back to Never Land? Well, if this new episode is any indication, the answer may not be your intrepid co-hosts Gabe and Josh. While they still believe in faith and trust and pixie dust, they’re not totally on board with Return to Never Land, the theatrically released sequel to Peter Pan from 2002. In fact, they’re so not on board that, eventually, the conversation turned to a ranking of the films of Steven Spielberg. (Blame Hook for that.) And so, what begins as a frustrated discussion about why this DisneyToon Studios release falls so flat–hint: don’t set your whimsical story during World War II–ends as Josh wondering if Gabe’s lost his mind by ranking Hook over Jurassic Park. Yes, really. Anyway, think happy thoughts and listen to the new podcast!



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