Mousterpiece Cinema, Episode 77: ‘The Rescuers’

The Rescuers Poster

Grab the closest jug of moonshine, sit back, and relax as Josh, Mike and Gabe close out 2012 with their little friends Bernard and Bianca from the Rescue Aid Society. Yes, this week, the trio discusses the 1977 Disney animated film The Rescuers, from its many songs to its Cruella De Vil-like villain Madame Medusa. Would it surprise you to learn that Josh contradicts a recent opinion regarding bleakness? Would it surprise you to learn that Mike calls Josh out for this very thing? (Only if you’re a new listener!) Oh, and would you like to know what it sounds like when Gabe impersonates the sound of sad horns you might hear in a Burt Bacharach song? Of course you would! All this and more in the new episode of Mousterpiece Cinema!



Extended Thoughts on ‘The Rescuers’

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