Mousterpiece Cinema, Episode 84: ‘Return to Oz’


return to oz poster

What child doesn’t have the distinct memory of sitting down with their family at the holidays to watch that old perennial favorite about Dorothy Gale traveling with an animal friend to the magical land of Oz? And what child doesn’t remember how that film began, with Dorothy sent to a mental institution to get electroshock therapy? Wait, what? Yes, that’s really the set-up to a film about Dorothy and Oz, but not the Judy Garland film. No, this week on Mousterpiece Cinema, your intrepid trio of hosts are talking about the 1985 film Return to Oz, starring a young Fairuza Balk. They’re joined by The AV Club’s Zack Handlen to revel in the glorious weirdness of Dorothy interacting with a person made of branches and a pumpkin, a talking chicken, a mechanical man, and a witch who exchanges her head at will. And, believe it or not, Gabe out-crazies Mike for the first time on the podcast! You’ll have to wait a bit, but it’s true! So check out the new show to find out what magic lurks in Oz!



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