Mousterpiece Cinema, Episode 88: ‘Oz the Great and Powerful’


You’re…off to see the wizard! The powerful wizard of Oz! We hear he is a bit of a jerk, if ever a jerk there was! If ever, oh, ever a sleaze there was, the wizard of Oz is one because…because, because, because, because, because…because of the slimy old things he does! You’re off to see the wizard! The powerful wizard of Oz! Yes, Josh and Mike are facing off against Disney’s big new movie Oz the Great and Powerful. Did they find it lacking a heart, a brain, or courage? Were they sold by James Franco’s turn as Oz himself? (Take a guess from the parody lyrics. You might have an idea.) You’ll have to check out the new show to find out!

NOTE: There is one bad word uttered during this episode–Josh takes the blame, but he also gives a bit of warning, so if you’ve got kids around, just fast-forward a couple of seconds after he mentions “blue” language. (The phrase he utters, sans profanity, is “Give me a break,” for the curious.)



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