Mousterpiece Cinema, Episode 94: ‘Pinocchio’


We’ve been away for a month, but Mousterpiece Cinema is back and ready to go! Gabe and Josh are raring to go, and start off a slew of all-new episodes by tackling one of the greatest of all animated movies–let alone Disney movies: 1940’s Pinocchio. This week, they’re joined by Alexander Huls, contributor to The Atlantic, Film School Rejects, The New York Times Magazine, and more, to discuss the little wooden marionette who dreamed of being a real boy and son to his father, Geppetto. More specifically, the trio discuss exactly how traumatic this movie was to them as children, and as adults, as well as the film’s music, animation, and style. Plus, at the end, a digression into the world of The Fast and The Furious series, because…well, why not?




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