Mousterpiece Cinema, Episode 97: ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’


Anniversaries aplenty this week, friends. First up, we’re at the two-year point of Mousterpiece Cinema’s history! (Two years is a mix of silver and gold, right? We’ll take all gifts of both kinds.) But more importantly, we’re celebrating another anniversary on today’s podcast, in which Josh and Gabe discuss the 1988 animated/live-action hybrid Who Framed Roger Rabbit with Walt Disney Imagineering intern and friend of the show Morgan Ditta. Yes, this episode is going up on the 25th anniversary of this classic, and you’d better believe that Josh, Gabe, and Morgan spent the entire show figuring out new ways in which to explain how great this movie is. Does it hold up? Is the Pope Catholic? Will we stop asking questions without answering them? Yes. (See?) Check out the new show today, and raise a glass to one of the all-time classics celebrating its birthday. (Also, make sure to honor Who Framed Roger Rabbit.)



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