Mousterpiece Cinema, Episode 98: ‘Monsters University’


Attention, students! The summer session has just begun at your beloved and monstrous educational institution, and now it’s time for class to commence. Apologies for the academic build-up, but this week, Josh and Gabe are going back to school with Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan, those lovable monsters from Monsters, Inc. Mike and Sulley, though, are a bit younger this time around, of course. Yes, it’s time to talk Monsters University, Pixar’s newest computer-animated feature. To do so, Josh and Gabe are joined by past guest Adam Kempenaar, from the Filmspotting podcast, to discuss prequels, Pitch Perfect, and…wait, Pitch Perfect? Yes, really. And you may be surprised by which member of this motley crew is most positive about a Pixar prequel. But you’ll have to tune into this scare-ifying episode to find out!



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