Mousterpiece Cinema, Lucasfilm Bonus Episode: ‘Howard the Duck’ and ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’


Hey, friends! It’s time for another b-b-b-bonus episode of Mousterpiece Cinema, going along with the show having recently hit 300 Likes on Facebook. And per an old challenge laid out by our good friend Michael Ryan, Gabe and Josh are tackling the high and low of the Lucasfilm enterprise, now owned by Disney. First up, it’s the 1986 disaster known as Howard the Duck; Gabe’s seen it before, but Josh has not. Would you be surprised to learn that neither of the hosts was impressed with the misguided story of an anthropomorphic talking duck in 80s-era Cleveland? They were, of course, thrilled as usual by the other movie on the docket this week: Steven Spielberg’s adventure classic Raiders of the Lost Ark. Come for the Lucasfilm discussion, stay for Josh’s dramatic reading from the Star Wars Holiday Special!



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