Mousterpiece Cinema: Michael Ryan: In Memoriam, Part One

three caballeros

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Friends, by now you may have heard, but if not, Josh and Gabe recently got some tragic news from Montreal: their Mousterpiece Cinema co-host Michael Ryan passed away just over a week ago. As such, today doesn’t bring a typical episode of the podcast. Instead, Josh and Gabe have a two-part memorial show in honor of Mike, with this being Part One. For the centerpiece segment, Josh and Gabe are joined by past guest and co-host of The Televerse, Kate Kulzick, to reminisce about Mike on a general level, discussing what he meant to them and how Mike first got involved with the show. This first of two parts also includes a clip package bursting with the best of our duck-loving friend. Make sure to listen to the whole show, and stick around for part two.

NOTE: As you’ll hear, this episode eschews the typical Mousterpiece Cinema theme music, instead using snatches of familiar, fitting pieces of Disney music, all of which are owned by Disney, and are not meant to be used here for profit.



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