Movie Lovers Podcast Episode #10 – Essential Action Movies – Best Foot & Car Chase Scenes


On today’s episode of the Movie Lovers Podcast, Chris discusses action movies with fellow SoundonSight contributor Shane Ramirez in part of the monthly project, 100 Essential Action Scenes. This week we discuss the best foot and car chase scenes selected by our S.O.S. contributors along with those that did not make the cut. From Bourne Identity to Ben Hur, we talk everything action, along with our thoughts on Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, and films that are on our list of shame. Put us in your ear, and enjoy! And don’t forget to Watch More Film! Check us out on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to us on iTunes under the Movie Lovers Podcast. Reviews and comments are much appreciated.  (click to play)

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Manual Chapter:

00:00:41 – Movie Lovers Podcast Theme Song
00:01:47 – Essential Action Movies: Foot Chase Scenes
00:49:27 – Essential Action Movies: Car Chase Scenes
01:16:47 – End Song


00:00:41 – 00:01:19 — Movie Lovers Podcast Theme Song by Logan Olberg
1:16:47 – 1:19:04 — The Matrix Soundtrack – Propellerheads – Spybreak!

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