Movie Lovers Podcast – Episode #5 – ‘Elysium’ ‘TheWolverine’ and ‘Mud’


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episode 5 of Movie Lover’s Podcast, Chris, Kathy and Sean review
the 2013 summer blockbuster ‘Elysium’ along with shorter review on
‘The Wolverine’ and ‘Mud’. iTunes
Twitter Manual Chapter:
00:00:00 – Intro Song 00:1:05 – The Wolverine Review, Mud Review,
FilmsWeWatched Segment 00:40:05 – Elysium Review 01:10:53 – End
Song Credits: 0:00 – 1:05 — Movie Lovers Podcast Intro Theme Song –
Logan Olberg 40:05 – 41:00 — 21 Elysium Movie Clip – “Would You
Like to Talk to a Human” 1:10:53 – 1:13:51 — Snakebite – The Mud

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