Movie Murmurs Crew’s FrightFest 2011 Podcast Part 2

Every year Sound On Sight contributor Al White rounds up his buddies after spending five long days watching endless genre films at FrightFest, to record a podcast. This year they recorded three. Here is part 2.

FRIGHTFEST is back!!!! Or rather, it’s over now, but not to worry – you can relive every gruesome, bone-chilling, bum-numbing moment with us, the Frightfest Movie Murmurs Crew!!! Featuring Thomas McCann, Russell Garwood, Anna Novitzky and myself as your host – Al White. So sit back, relax, perhaps pop open a brew or two and enjoy this first half of our extensive coverage.

Part 2 of our spectacular frightfest special includes reviews of Troll Hunter, The Wicker Tree, Panic Button, Fright Night 3D, The Woman, Chillerama, The Divide, The Innkeepers

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