MovieMaker Magazine names Sound On Sight one of the “10 Best Podcasts For MovieMakers”

A very special thanks to MovieMaker magazine for not only taking the time to listen to our podcast, but to also include us on the list of what they feel are the best film podcasts worldwide. It honestly means a lot to the entire team, a team I am extremely proud of. We’ve managed to produce 285 episodes (and an additional 26 episodes of our bonus show titled Sordid Cinema), in just over three years. I can’t even begin to emphasize just how much hard work goes into the show each and every week, and how much of an honour it is to be included side by side with the likes of A.V. Talk and Jeff Goldsmith. We don’t always make everyone happy and we admit that we are not always right, but film is our passion and we try our best. Also on a personal note, I think it is pretty awesome that the cover just happens to feature my favourite actor / man-crush Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Awesome!

Here is what MovieMaker had to say about Sound On Sight:

What makes Sound on Sight such an interesting podcast to listen to is that the hosts’ extensive film knowledge isn’t limited to just one type of movie. Hollywood blockbusters, indie art house films, B-movie splatter-fests – they know it all. When you listen to Sound on Sight, you get opinions on whether the movie is worth seeing or not, sure, but you’ll also hear how it fits in a wider context. For example, in an episode entitled “Thor, Marvel Studios and Kenneth Branagh,” the hosts begin with a review of Branagh’s Thor, then compared the film to other superhero movies and discussed Marvel Studios’ general release strategy and film critic A.O. Scott’s review of the film. Next up was a review of Branagh’s 1994 flop Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, which led to a ramble on the suitability of gothic horror novels for film adaptations. All that in just under an hour? Other podcasts take that long just to get through their opening banter!

We would like to also congratulate each of the podcasts who also appeared on the list. Via FilmCourage


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