New Action Packed US Trailer for ‘The Troll Hunter’

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With the release of André Øvredal’s Norwegian faux documentary The Troll Hunter, Magnet has put together a new trailer aimed at the US market. The creature feature will hit VOD on May 6th, 2011, with a theatrical release scheduled for June 10th. The film comes highly recommended from the Sound On Sight staff. The most recent review came from Josh who watched it at the True or False Film Festival last month and called it, “a clever satire of authority and propaganda that is not only relevant to Norway but also to America”.

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  1. SadPsycho says

    Looks kinda crappy (Though that doesn’t guarantees it won’t be entertaining). Oh well, it’s premise it’s original enough to give it a shot so looking forward to the theatrical release.

    Cool poster btw.

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