New Google Survey reveals how people go to the movies

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It seems like every few months we hear the death knell of the classic act of going to the movies. Box office receipts are as low as they’ve ever been, people won’t go see an Adam Sandler movie in a theater if they can watch him on Netflix, and so on.

And yet a new Think With Google Survey conducted by Google and Millward Brown Digital has found that 228.7 million Americans and Canadians went to the movies last year, 68 percent of the population in all. They polled their habits and compiled all the results in a fascinating infographic you can find below.

Some of the more intriguing results? 4 out of 5 moviegoers watch a trailer on YouTube before seeing a movie. 39 percent of people say watching those trailers is the most important factor in determining what to see (nowhere to be found on this infographic, and probably below “Information about the Cast” and “A Friend’s Opinion” are your friendly, neighborhood film critics like yours truly).  And 70 percent of moviegoers consider more than one movie before settling on one. Speaking from experience of having worked at a movie theater, box office workers love that when you’ve just waxed poetic on telling them to see The Artist and they decide to see Project X anyway.

Find the full infographic here.