New Poster for Ben Wheatley’s ‘High-Rise’ – It All Points Up

High Rise

High Rise

One of these days we’re going to run out of metaphors for class struggle and inequity. One day, possibly very soon, some young writer is going to sit down to pen a story about the increasing gap between the people at the top of the social ladder and everyone else, and when they try to come up with a way to express this idea through some clever allegorical device….they’ll have all been taken. That day is coming, and I think we all need to sit down and think about what we’ll do when it gets here. For now, we still at least have Ben Wheatley’s upcoming film High-Rise, based on the novel by J.G Ballard. The film sees Tom Hiddleston as a young doctor who takes up residence in the titular building, an enclosed society with the wealthy elites living on the upper floors and the lower and middle classes at the lower and middle floors. Of course, this setup starts to fall apart when the residents of the lower floors grow disenfranchised and rebellious, and all-out class warfare erupts. Think of it kind of like Snowpiercer, but with a 90-degree change in angle.

A new poster for High-Rise was released today, one that shows off the film’s cast, including Hiddleston, Jeremy Irons and Sienna Miller, in a striking tableau assembled with a triangle motif. It’s one of the rare posters that isn’t afraid of leaving too much empty space, rather than filling every available inch with information.

You can check out the new High-Rise poster below.


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