New “Red State” Clip Features Melissa Leo

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Writer director Kevin Smith did a live chat with MTV News this week in which he released an exclusive clip from his upcoming film Red State. The 55 second clip features multiple award-winning and Best Supporting Actress front runner Melissa Leo as well as the three young actors who Smith plans to bring back for is next (and last) film, Hit Somebody: Michael Angarano, Kyle Gallner and Nicholas Braun.

Despite some of the negative reviews I have read, including one review from our very own site, I am really looking forward to watching Red State. Personally I am fully behind Kevin Smith’s decision to take his film on the road and distribute it himself without wasting millions of dollars on advertising. Considering it is a horror film, he has the advantage of relying on the rabid genre fans showing up. After Dark films also takes a similar approach with their 8 Films To Die For series, and so if it works for them, a director like Smith who already has a huge cult following (2 million strong on Twitter alone), should easily make back the four million dollar budget. In fact I am anticipating it will be his highest grossing film and the director will eventually think twice about idea of retiring.

Thanks to MTV for this clip.

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